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Praise for Lynn Everett

“Lynn is a qualified, experienced editor who has a sharp eye and the ability to see both the big picture and the devil in the details; when editing, she not only checks the mechanics of language but also teaches writers how to improve their style and let their words shine.” —Diane Gedymin, Book Agent and President, The Publisher’s Desk; Former Senior VP and Publishing Director, HarperSanFrancisco

“Lynn provided such a thorough, heartfelt, and professional critique of my children’s story and illustrations. Although I was nervous about receiving a professional perspective, I knew that I would receive solicited and unsolicited feedback as soon as the book was released into the world! I feel especially blessed that Lynn gave me quality information to support her suggestions.” —Karen Nowicki, Author, Maddie Moonbeams Garden; Owner and President, Phoenix RadioX

“Lynns line edit was a mind-boggle. Although this is my third book and the other two were, I thought, well edited, I never saw anything as detailed and focused as her editing.” —Robert Bonn, Author, The Unfinished Tower of Babel

“My highest compliments to Lynn Everett for her comprehensive editing. She is insightful and detailed, and her comments are communicated succinctly. I’m very pleased with her work.” —J. K. Scott, Author, Tracking Terra

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Personal Thanks

“I think I’m a good writer (and I win awards), and then I open your edit and think . . . you’re the only reason I get five-star reviews and win awards!” —Fiona Ingram, Author, Chronicles of the Stone Youth Book Series

“I am ecstatic with the changes you made to my manuscript. I can’t thank you enough for helping me organize and deliver my healing message so clearly and eloquently.” —Jonathan Tripodi, Author, Freedom from Body Memory

“You have shown genuine interest and great understanding for what I have wanted to bring out in words, despite my sometimes awkward way of expressing this in my book. It must have been difficult to rebuild sections in a way that the core of the issue remained untouched, and yet somehow you did. Thank you so much.” —G. Pauline Kok-Schurgers, Author, The Remains of War

“I cannot express in words how pleased I am with your edit. You have restored my faith in the editorial process!” —Sue Kam, Author, Delightfully Different

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